Capitularia - Edition of the Frankish Capitularies

“Hlotharii capitulare Papiense” [BK 201]


by BaluzeTitulus IV. Sive capitula addita ad legem Longobardorum (Baluze 1677a, Sp. 327-332)
by PertzHlotharii I. constitutiones Papienses - Haec sunt capitula [...] conservare praecepit (Pertz G 1835, S. 359-362)
by Boretius/KrauseHlotharii capitulare Papiense (Boretius 1897, S. 59-63)


by Baluzenach 824
by PertzFebruar 832
by Boretius/KrauseFebruar 832
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