Capitularia - Edition of the Frankish Capitularies


You can browse the capitularies either via the complete list or via the reign of their respective issuer. The capitularies are arranged according to their number in the edition by Boretius/Krause. Additional capitularies discovered only after the edition was first published are listed thereafter, in accordance with their number in Mordek 1995, appendix 1. Later, we will introduce a new numbering system while preparing the revised critical edition. The titles used correspend to the table in Mordek 1995 (pp. 1079-1111, “Verzeichnis der Kapitularien und kapitulariennahen Texte”). Each page for a capitulary lists title and dating of the text according to the three standard editions by Baluze, Pertz and Boretius/Krause; if required, also those from editions prior to Baluze or later than Boretius/Krause. Additionally, datings from Ganshof 1961, pp. 163-173 and Mordek 1995 (as above) are listed.

The roadmap for the new edition provides for the capitularies of Louis the Pious to be edited first. Therefore, work on these capitularies has so far progressed the most.

Information on individual capitularies will be added continuously in the course of working on the edition. Already available transcriptions may be called up by clicking on the link of the respective manuscript.

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