Capitularia - Edition of the Frankish Capitularies


This page provides additional resources and tools for researching Frankish capitularies. Further material will be added over time.

The sections “Collection of the Month”, “Capitulary of the Month”, “Capitulum of the Month” and “Manuscript of the Month”,  and “Texts” derive straight from the project workshop, with the latter section featuring provisional critical texts of selected capitularies.

The extended bibliography lists previous editions and translations of capitularies, as well as manuscript catalogues and scholarly publications. The latter extend not only to literature specialising on capitularies and medieval law but also include selected titles dealing more broadly with Frankish and in particular Carolingian history.

“Downloads” provides access to, amongst others, XML files for all published manuscript pages, the current version of the guidelines for transcribing manuscripts and the RNC schema file. Also available are a source index to Heinrich Brunner, Deutsche Rechtsgeschichte (2 vols, 2nd edition, 1906 and 1928) facilitating the retrieval of capitularies and other legal texts cited within this standard work, and a survey of the capitularies transmitted by early medieval canon law collections according to Valeska Koal, Studien zur Nachwirkung der Kapitularien in den Kanonessammlungen des Frühmittelalters (2001).
Additionally, there is a copy of Mordek’s Bibliotheca capitularium regum Francorum manuscripta (1995) as well as lists of the abbreviations and manuscript sigla used by him.