Capitularia - Edition of the Frankish Capitularies

Conference on Legal Manuscripts at Tokyo

On 28-29 March, a conference on legal manuscripts organized by Stefan Esders (Berlin) and Shigeto Kikuchi (Tokyo) will take place in Tokyo:

Legal manuscripts in the Frankish world: Interdisciplinary approaches to the formation and transformation of early medieval legal cultures (8th-11th centuries).

This is the first part of the final conference of the Japanese-German project “Legal Culture(s) in the Frankish World”, with the second part taking place in Cologne in September. As part of the project, regular workshops on selected, preferably illustrated legal manuscripts have been held over the past four years, at which specialists in legal and art history have exchanged ideas.

The Capitularia team will also be represented at the conference in Tokyo with presentations by Stefan Esders, Sören Kaschke, Steffen Patzold and Karl Ubl.

Conference program with further information