Capitularia - Edition of the Frankish Capitularies

“Capitulare de villis” [BK Nr. 32]

Captions used in older editions

by BaluzeCapitulare de villis Karoli Magni, Datum per annos regni illius, id est, antequàm fieret Imperator - Incipit Capitulare de villis & curtis Imperatoris (Baluze I, Sp. 331-342)
by PertzCapitulare de villis imperialibus - Incipit capitulare de villis vel curtis imperialibus (Pertz I, S. 181-187)
by Boretius/KrauseCapitulare de villis (Boretius/Krause I, S. 82-91)


by Baluze800
by Pertz812
by Boretius/Krause800 oder früher (?)
by Ganshof 1961770-800
by Magnou-Nortier 1998810-813
by Schneider R 2008792-800


Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Cod. Guelf. 254 Helmst.
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