Capitularia - Edition of the Frankish Capitularies

“Karoli epistola de litteris colendis” [BK 29]


by BaluzeConstitutio de scholis per singula episcopia et monasteria instituendis (Baluze 1677, Sp. 201-204)
by PertzEncyclica de litteris colendis (Pertz G 1835, S. 52-53)
by Boretius/KrauseKaroli epistola de litteris colendis (Boretius 1883, S. 78-79)


by Baluze788
by Pertz787
by Boretius/Krause780-800
by Stengel 1958784 Herbst - 785 Sommer?
by GanshofEnde 8. Jhd.
by MordekEnde 8. Jhd.


Metz, Bibliothèque municipale, † 226
Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud misc. 126
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