Capitularia - Edition of the Frankish Capitularies

“Synodus ad Theodonis villam habita” [BK 227]


by BaluzeTitulus II. Synodi ad Teudonis villam (Baluze 1677a, Sp. 7-14)
by PertzHlotharii I. Hludowici II. et Karoli II. conventus ad Theodonis villam (Pertz G 1835, S. 380-383)
by Boretius/KrauseSynodus ad Theodonis villam habita (Boretius 1897, S. 113-116)
by HartmannKonzil von Ravenna 844 (Hartmann W 1984, S. 29-35)


by Baluze845
by PertzOktober 844
by Boretius/KrauseOktober 844
by HartmannOktober 844
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